Web Design for the Small Business

At Web Effective web design is not only an art, but a ministry.  We believe helping small businesses compete on the web is important, but helping our clients understand how to compete is more important.  The vast array of free resources can be overwhleming and time consuming.

We want to help.

Full PackageFinding help with your web presence can be very frustrating and very expensive.

At Web Effective web design is not only an art, but a ministry. We want to help you manage your web presence by helping you design your webpage in a format that represents your company or church.

Our goal is not to just design a web site for you, but to maximize the vast array of free marketing for your business. We all know the hardest part to starting a new business is getting it started.  Web design seems difficult, but you just need a little help to get started and get your business off the ground.

Web Effective will create all your accounts and connect them for you, so you can manage your presence yourself.  We offer a newsletter to help you keep up with all the new updates and changes in Best Practices for SEO Marketing Results.

Of course, we can also continue to manage it for you if you would like, but the goal is to teach you how to manage it yourself.  With Web Effective every thing belongs to you.  When we finish your site we give you all the information relating to your site and the copyright belongs to you.


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Working with a goal in mind.

Free Marketing Solutions include:

WordPress Blogs, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Google+, Google Maps, Google Analytics, MailChimp, SurveyMonkey , PayPal, WooCommerce, Hoot Suite, Listings on Local Business Sites